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VoIP Phone Systems & VoIP PBX

Voice over Internet Protocol or VOIP is changing the way businesses use their phone systems to communicate worldwide. This technology utilizes Internet Protocol to connect telephone conversations in place of traditional digital or analog signaling across phone lines. Although VoIP phone systems have some limitations, emerging technologies such as those from Cisco, Polycom, Microsoft, PBXnSIP, and Epygi, the future of VoIP communications looks promising.

If you are looking to purchase VOIP Hardware or Sofware for self installation, please visit our online store at,  

VoIP PBX phone systems are not always the best choice for all businesses; however, when well planned and implemented in some cases can show a great return on investment while enabling the workforce in the organization. For more information about whether or not a VoIP PBX is a good bet for your business, call us for a VoIP ROI analysis. Our people understand when VoIP can actually cost less than standard phone systems and have the knowledge, experience, and ability to make it happen. Our Engineers are certified, by Cisco, Microsoft, PBXnSIP, Polycom, Snom, as well as other industry leaders. Call for details, configurations, and designs. We do onsite instals in the NY/NJ Metro area, and remote and tech dispach installs anywhere.

VoIP Phone Systems:

  • PBXnSIP Office / Call Center 
  • Cisco Smart Business Coomunications System (SBCS)
  • Microsoft Response Point 
  • Linksys SPA9000
  • Snom, Aastra, Polycom 
  • Epygi Quadro
  • VoIP PBX Installation
  • VoIP PBX Setup
  • IP PBX Phone Systems
  • Bandwidth QOS
  • VoIP Troubleshooting
  • VoIP Phone Configuration
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