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  • Network Integration
  • Client/Server Accounting
  • Fax Servers/Gateways
  • Remote Access
  • VOIP & Computer Telephony
  • Business Consulting
  • Technology Planning  
  • Web Hosting & Design
  • System Design
  • Pilot Testing
  • Implementation
  • Service & Support
  • Training
  • Product Update Service
  • Accountants on Staff
  • Intranet Solutions
Client/Server Accounting
We work with you to select and implement the best accounting system for your business using flexible, scalable, and secure accounting software from leading manufactures to ensure that the solution meets your needs, conforms to accounting standards, and provides future upgrade paths and continuing support.

Network Remote Access, Fax and Telephony
We have expertise in network remote communications including dial-in/dial-out, remote node/remote control, and automated fax server solutions. We are experienced in designing and implementing communications systems in multiplatform, multiprotocol network environments.

We can provide training on or off-site for end-users, IT and Help Desk staff, and management on any aspect of your system. Network management, problem solving and response, disaster recovery and standardizing procedures, business applications, technology planning and purchasing, user relations, and employee orientation to system changes or upgrades.

Business Consulting
Tornado can provide direction on business processes, information technology planning, outsourcing, project management and vendor selection and supervision.

It is our policy to sell, install, and support only fully authorized and licensed software and hardware. Tornado Computer Systems, Inc. will not sell, install or support illegal software and will not sell used or refurbished systems or components as new.

Our past and present clients include businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries including publishing, apparel, consulting, professionals in private practice, and non-profit organizations. We also work with other consulting firms on large projects.

Technology Partners

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