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Thu Nov 22

Snom ONE Discontinued after 2 years on the market

Two years after PBXnSIP was swallowed by Snom and replaced by the Snom ONE product offering, Snom now spun the Snom ONE product offering back in to a separate company called Vodia Networks.

PBXnSIP partners like us had mixed feelings about the Snom merger 2 years ago. For the most part due to the discontinuation of 3rd party phone support, and for the lack of honoring the PBXnSIP upgrade protection our customers purchased.

Although we are happy to see 3rd party PnP support back, we are now faced with very similar issues with current spin off. Every Snom One license purchased over the last 2 years included 2 years upgrade protection out of the box, it does not seem like the new Vodia Networks will honor it.

Over the past 2 years customers got accustomed to an IP PBX reasonably priced with a simple pricing model. PBXnSIP was considered expensive, although its pricing model was simple. PBXnSIP had 3 different feature sets each one with a flat price set per user. Snom One had a single feature set with 2 SKU's a 20 user and an unlimited user.

With the new Vodia the pricing Model was made very complex and very expensive for many typical purchasing scenarios, they have several bundle SKU's and then you pay extra for each feature and additional users not included in the bundle. The 10 user bundle for instance (as of the time of this posting) includes, 10 users, 1 auto attendant, 1 hunt group, 1 conference room, 5 concurrent calls, 5 g729 channels, fax to email, 1 domain, 10 service flags, 10 co lines, 10 IVR nodes, 1 calling card, no paging, no automatic recording, no CSTA, no call barge in, no call whisper, no call monitor, no call accounting, these are all available at a premium.

Vodia is now also selling directly on their website to end users, although they are still offering discounts to resellers and distributors, the discount are a bit lower than they were with PBXnSIP and Snom ONE.

Although upgrades and changes are sometimes good, customers and Partners need Stability in their vendors, we have been Partners with PBXnSIP and Snom for over 5 years, for the first time since we started with them we are finally open to finding a good replacement.

Author: Anonym

Thu Nov 22

Snom ONE mini secrets revealed

Although the new Snom One mini is advertised as "The sleek, pint-sized, solid state device supports 20 extensions and offers the full range of snom ONE telephony features".

This information is incorrect, as the full range of (now discontinued) Snom ONE telephony products, Free, Yellow and Blue, do not limit the amount of auto-attendants, hunt groups and ACD's. On the Snom ONE mini, although not revealed on the website, datasheets, etc. there is a limit of 1 hunt group, 1 auto-attendant and 1 ACD.

Author: Anonym

Sun Mar 6

Cisco releases new Small business Unified Communications System

cisco-uc320wGet everything you need for business-class networking and voice communications across your entire company. Affordable and easy to use, the Cisco Unified Communications 300 Series lets you take advantage of IP telephony to reduce costs, boost productivity, and create a more collaborative company.
It also includes built-in data and wireless support, plus advanced phone features such as voicemail and automated attendant.Now you can replace your PBX or key system with a single, all-in-one network solution. Part of the Cisco Small Business product family, this solution is easy to set up and manage but flexible enough to grow and change along with your business.

Cisco Unified Communications 300 Series supports:
Voice: Telephone call processing, voicemail, automated attendant, and conferencing are included
SIP Trunking: Reduce telecommunications costs with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking
Integrated Wireless: 802.11 b/g/n wireless access point for wireless data and wireless desktop telephone support
Built-in Routing and Switching: Integrated 10/100/1000 routing and 4-port 10/100/1000 switch
Growth: Add inexpensive switches and Cisco SPA Series IP Phones as your business grows.

ü Up to 24 IP phones / focus is <16 users (SPA3xx and SPA5xx)

ü Voicemail & auto attendant (12 hour VM capacity)

ü Voicemail to email notification


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Sat Jan 8

See Where You Can Go In the Cisco NOW Van

The Cisco Network on Wheels (NOW) Van, Sponsored by will be in Brooklyn on 1/28/11. The Van will be parked in front of our office at 1557 60th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11219 where you will be able to tour the Van,
have access to our staff, and visit our offices.It is an Open House style of event and you are more than welcome to come join us between the hours of 10am and 3pm. Food & Coffee will be provided. We will be giving away free T-Shirts and screwdrivers, all attendees will be entered to win a free Wi-Fi internet radio.


See Where You Can Go In the Cisco NOW Van

You Bring the Challenges, We Will Bring the Solutions

Join Cisco and Tornado Computer Systems, Inc to experience the new Cisco® Network On Wheels (NOW) Van, decked out with the latest in Borderless Networks, Video, Physical and Network Security, Unified Communications and Collaboration, and many other advanced solutions.

We will be there soon, so make plans to tour the Cisco NOW Van and see the very best in business solutions. The Cisco NOW Van is more than a mobile showcase, it’s a destination in itself.

Seeing Is Believing

The technologies we’re bringing your way have been proven in both private and public sectors—solutions to resolve business pains, solidify connections with stakeholders, boost productivity, and reduce costs. But talking is one thing, seeing is another. And that’s why we are bringing you these highly interactive demos to see and experience.

Reserve your place NOW

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Tue Dec 14

IP cameras vs analog cameras

When you are in the market for a new video surveillance system, the first thing you need to decide is, do you want to install traditional analog cameras, or the newer IP cameras. The following will analyze the pros and cons of the IP and analog cameras.

Analog cameras have been available and successfully installed for many years. Initially, analog cameras were recorded to video tapes, however with the invention of disk based DVR's, analog cameras were captured to hard drives.

Over the last few years, many leading camera manufacturer's including Sony, Panasonic, Mobotix, Axis and others started manufacturing IP cameras.

The cost for IP cameras are a bit higher than their traditional analog counterparts; however they have many added benefits.

Author: Anonym

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